France Galop Press Release : Pierre-Charles Boudot – Wednesday 12 May

On Wednesday May 12, 2021, FRANCE GALOP received a statement from the Public Prosecutor’s office of the SENLIS Judicial Court, informing it that in relation to events that took place in CAGNES-SUR-MER on February 17, 2021, the jockey Pierre-Charles BOUDOT had been indicted for rape and was also named as a material witness to intimidation of a witness, whilst the jockey Pierre BAZIRE was indicted for not reporting a crime and was also named as a material witness to the failure of preventing a serious crime. A judicial investigation was also opened against X for charges of threats or acts of intimidation against the victim of a crime.

 According to the SENLIS Prosecutor, the judicial investigation is continuing.

 With regard to the jockey Pierre-Charles BOUDOT, these facts are in addition to a complaint for acts of rape which allegedly took place in 2015 and for which he had been named as a material witness.

 Although these two jockeys remain presumed innocent, in view of the seriousness of the allegations against them, the damage to the image of racing and to its safety and the imminence of booked rides of the jockey Pierre-Charles BOUDOT, whilst the jockey Pierre BAZIRE has no booked rides in the immediate future, the FRANCE GALOP Stewards have taken the precautionary measure to immediately suspend his licence for the next two days, in application of article 216 of the Racing Code.

The jockeys Pierre-Charles BOUDOT and Pierre BAZIRE have also been invited to present their observations by Friday 14 May, 2021, 3pm to the FRANCE GALOP Stewards, who will then consider whether to implement a precautionary suspension of their licence from May 15, 2021.

In its capacity as the Racing Authority responsible for the horseracing industry in France, FRANCE GALOP has also requested the investigating judge to be included in the above-mentioned criminal proceedings.