Finalists announced for the 2017 edition of the Trophées du Personnel des Courses et de l’Élevage


The judges have been hard at work completing their selection of finalists for the second edition of the Trophées du Personnel des Courses et de l’Élevage.  This will launch the final round of deliberations, with which include face-to-face interviews, before the winners are announced at an awards ceremony at Auteuil racecourse on Saturday 25th November 2017.  The winners of each category (except for the Newcomer Award) are all then eligible for the overall prize of Employee of the Year.

France Galop and Godolphin are delighted to announce the three finalists by category.

  • STUD STAFF AWARD: For those who work in the breeding sector and have proven their competence, dedication and reliability, as well showing good horsemanship, the ability to adapt and being a strong team player.

    • Noel Dubief (Employed by Hamel Stud – Nominated by Alexandra DUBIEF):
      “Noel is a devoted and involved employee who is always looking to improve the quality of his work and the care that he shows to the horses. He is self-critical. Horses are his passion. A.DUBIEF

    • Saral Le Helleco (Employed by Haras de la Haie Neuve – Nominated by Alain REGNIER):
      “Sarah has an excellent rapport with horses – she speaks to them and they listen to her! She has worked at the Haras de la Haie Neuve for 13 years.  She really takes the apprentices and interns under her wing, teaching them along the way.  She brings that little bit extra that really counts, she sets high standards, has an excellent work ethic and loves what she does.” A. REGNIER

    • Xavier Hallais (Employed by Haras des Mesnils – Nominated by Philippe OUVRY):
      “Xavier is my right-hand man on our small dual-purpose stud.  He often works alone and is highly motivated.  He is required to be versatile and has a broad range of responsibilities, including Sales’ preparation, looking after mares and foals, property maintenance.  His work is always consistent.  Thanks to him preparation for big events is always meticulous.” P. OUVRY

  • ADMINISTRATION AWARD: For those who work in an administrative role in the thoroughbred breeding and/or racing sector. Key element of the team, he/she ensures the smooth running of the business.

    • Martine RICARD (Employed by Mr Pantall – Nominated by Henri-Alex PANTALL):
      “Martine has been our secretary for the last 32 years.  She is an extremely important cog in the wheel which keeps the yard running smoothly.  Martine’s job title is Secretary, but she is also advisor, helper, listener… She knows her job by heart and wants to see the business succeed. To quote one of our owners “Martine is the heart of the Pantall stable.”. HA. PANTALL

    • Stéphanie PERRIER LE BASSARD (Employed by Haras de la Hêtraie – Nominated by Pascal NOUE):
      “Stéphanie has worked alongside each other since the start of the adventure 17 years ago.  She was part of the setting up of the business and remains a key part of the success of Haras de la Hetraie.  Not only dedicated, she is highly competent, and she proves on a daily basis that she has all the right qualities to successfully carry out her role.  Her people skills, empathy and her accessibility make her the perfect representative of our business.” P.NOUE

    • Colette CINGAL (Employed by Haras du Quesnay – Nominated by Ghislaine et Alec HEAD):
      “Colette joined Haras du Quesnay in March 1985 as a secretary.  Over time she has established herself as the administrative pillar of the stud. Her enthusiasm, dedication and perseverance make her an irreplaceable colleague.” G & A HEAD

  • LEADERSHIP AWARD: For those who are in a managerial or supervisory role in charge of at least two people in a stud or stable, who have displayed leadership qualities – in terms of quality people management, mentoring and support of staff, always keen on continuing improvement and displaying good business acumen.

  • Pierre GROUALLE (Employed by The Aga Khan Studs – Nominated by Alain de ROYER DUPRE):
    “Pierre arrived at a young age to Aiglemont, and he climbed his way up the ladder to become manage all the horses and people in the stable.  He has a gift for working with horses, and everything is done extremely calmly.  Beyond his talent as a horseman, he is also fair and loyal to his employees, and he is a strong team player. He really is the vital link in the chain of the Aga Khan operation.” A de Royer Dupre

  • Régis BARBEDETTE (Employed by Frédéric Head – Nominated by Frédéric HEAD):
    "Very appreciated and loved by everyone, Régis has many qualities: rigorous, punctual, dedicated, organized, courageous, dynamic and always available. He is really a man I can rely on 100%. As a manager, he has very good teaching skills. After spending a month in Deauville with Régis, a young employee told us that he had learned more during this short period than during a year at school. He continues to mentor young people in the industry.  If I was to make a wish it would be that all my training colleagues had someone as valuable as Regis to depend on." F.HEAD

  • Jean-Paul LAMBERT (Employed by André Fabre – Nominated by André FABRE):
    "Jean-Paul joined my team at the start, and has been with me throughout my career. An excellent rider, he combines his care for horses with organising the riders, the transport, an excellent capacity for communication and good people management skills.  He manages 50 employees including ground staff, riders, exercise riders and he ensures the smooth running of the stable in all his tasks.” A. FABRE

  • DEDICATION TO RACING AWARD: Travelling head staff, head people, yard support staff, stud managers, assistant trainers, head grooms, stud and racing grooms, office managers and administrative staff…  For a member of staff who has served a minimum of fifteen years in the industry. A key member of the team, they are willing to share their passion, experience, knowledge and time.

  • Antoine CRETON (Employed by The Aga Khan Studs – Nominated by Pierre GROUALLE):
    “Antoine has worked for us for 25 years. He is passionate about pedigrees and the Aga Khan’s bloodlines hold no secrets for him! In recent years Antoine has taken over the role of Travelling Head Person.  With his calm nature, he gives the horses confidence, especially on trips overseas.  He is discreet, but hard-working, and we can rely on him to be part of the success of the operation.” P.GROUALLE

  • Eric VANDRA (Employed by Jean-Pierre Gauvin yard – Nominated by Vincent GELHAY / Jean-Claude TALTAVUKLL / Elise VANDRA / Emilie VANDRA / Ulrika DELAUNAY / Anne PLASSARD):
    "Eric has been Travelling Head Person for eleven years in our yard. The growth of the team and the development of the racing programme have made his work essential.  He is straight-forward, serious and diplomatic, qualities matched by his sympathetic nature and his good humour. Eric, for all these reasons and many more, is one of those employees who makes you want to continue to fight to keep going in this business.” U.DELAUNAY

  • Laura DELAGE (Employed by Yann Barberot yard – Nominated by Margueritte BELLENGER):
    "Laura's motivation is without fault, she takes her responsibilities to heart, and knows her horses inside out. There are many stories which illustrate Laura’s qualities, but the most pertinent is her kindness, her ready smile and how she shares her passion. At home or at the races, you know you can rely on Laura.” M BELLENGER

  • RIDER/GROOM AWARD: For those who have shown talent for horsemanship, consistency and reliability in and out of the saddle and/or have achieved something outstanding in the season either in an equine or personal capacity.

  • Aurélie HUTEAU (Employed by Pascal Journiac – Nominated by Pascal JOURNIAC):
    “Aurélie is one of those people who loves their work.  She always wants to do things well and takes any responsibilities she is given to heart.  She’s the type of rider that everyone involved in racing wants on their team – organised, punctual, reliable – on top of all that she brings her good humour to work, always smiling, naturally which spreads so much joy around.” P JOURNIAC

  • Marc DESMYTER (Employed by Nicolas Clément – Nominated by Nicolas CLEMENT):
    "Marc joined my stable in April 2011, quickly becoming an indispensable member of the team. His remarkable hands make him an exceptional rider. Marco (his nickname) has a zest for life, watching him tack-up his horses and ride work is a real pleasure. I always enjoy talking about horses with him and he has a real thirst for learning.  The judgement that he brings is a precious talent for the trainer with whom he works.  Marc has been a great role model for our young apprentices for quite some time.” N CLEMENT

  • Othmane BEN MOSLY (Employed by Jean-Paul Gallorini – Nominated by Florence PATARIN):
    Othmane joined the racing school at 2009, at the age of 16 and was hired to work in our yard in 2011.  He has become, over the years, a key element in the training and development of horses. He has ridden many of our Group winning horses. He cares deeply for horses and is attentive to their well-being, he particularly loves going racing so that he can watch over his charges at every stage of their career.” F PATARIN

  • NEWCOMER AWARD: For employees with less than five years’ experience in the industry.  Motived to succeed, the nominees have already started to progress in their career, and have improved their knowledge and skills, becoming a key member of the team within which they work.

    • Aurore LOISON (employée au Haras de Bonneval – Parrain : Georges RIMAUD):"Very open-minded about breeding methods and techniques, Aurore is extremely curious and learns quickly. She listens to the tips and tricks of the most experienced people for whom she has a lot of respect. Aurore is willing and patient with the horses. When she’s responsible for something, she takes pride and honour in carrying it out well. With a strong temperament, she has found her place within the team and has even shown leadership skills. This legitimacy has been quickly established thanks to her capacity for work and her sense of responsibility. Aurore is progressing day by day and stands out as a valuable element of the team." G.RIMAUD

    • Camille BAQUET (Employed by The Dream Horses – Nominated by Tony CASTANHEIRA):
      “Camille is a young rider passionate about horse racing. She understands young horses as few people do. She is four foot eleven inches, and made up of courage and determination, allied with an exemplary patience, which allows her to carry out the responsibilities she is entrusted with.. She is attentive to all her horses and is very proud when "her babies" start racing. I'm proud to be her boss and see how passionate and motivated she is” T.CASTANHEIRA

    • Théo LECLAIR (Employed by Gabriel Leenders – Nominated by Gabriel LEENDERS):
      "A true horse lover, Theo does not count his hours with them. He takes great care over their turn-out when going racing. All of twenty years old, he is always attentive to their needs.   I can confidently send him off to any racecourse across the four corners of France, despite his young age." G.LEENDERS

Winners will be announced on November 25, 2017

Chaired by Jean-Bernard Roth, 2016 Employee of the year, the jury will reveal the winners of the Trophées du Personnel seven categories on the 25th of November, at Auteuil racecourse,


Godolphin has given each category exceptional prizes. Winners, finalists, and teams associated with the winners and finalists will be rewarded at the Awards Ceremony.

Godolphin will also offer the winner of the "Newcomer Award" category a five-day trip to Dubai including:  a day at the races, visit to Zabeel Racing Stables and Training Centre, and the Dubai Equine Hospital.